We support local agencies by assisting them with funding so they can focus on what they do best: taking care of our community. Every year the CAUW opens an application process to provide funding for the next calendar year. Every dollar raised is so valuable to our area.

United Way agencies go through a rigorous process to be approved for funding. They complete a thorough application and provide extensive financial information that isn't generally available to the public. Teams of community volunteers carefully review the entire package and interview the agency director. The teams then make a funding recommendation to the United Way Board of Directors. Not every agency that applies is approved; agencies must demonstrate that they are making an impact and that they are using resources wisely.

Serving Local Agencies

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partner agencies:

Kind Words from the Community

- Susan Wendleton

I found out that the United Way locally sends only 1% or less of the funds to the national organization. The rest of the funds stay in this community and are evaluated by local people.

Carthage Water & Electric Plant

- Roger Williams

All I have to do is fill out a little card and the money is taken out of my paycheck, and I know it's going for a good cause.

Carthage Fire Department

- matt huntley

The United Way will divvy up funds to organizations that I find beneficial. It makes it pretty easy for us to help out.

Carthage R-9 Assistant Superintendent

- kevin Charleston

Whenever we help United Way, they touch so many different people. We wouldn't have that opportunity as one person.

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