It’s an organization of agencies who serve the needs of the community by applying the goals of self help in health, welfare and youth guidance services. One campaign each year keeps the cost of raising funds low so you can be assured most of
every dollar goes directly to services.

You do! The United Way is a voluntary organization run by a Board of Directors who work without pay. Our United Way has one part-time paid director and one part-time assistant. Each contributor is a member of the United Way. Do you want to see some changes?? Get involved.
Yes, for both individuals and corporations.
It’s better to make good citizens than to repair the effects of neglect. Not only is it less expensive, but it makes our community a safer place to live. United Way funds make services less expensive to those who can afford to pay and available to those who cannot afford to pay.
Don’t forget that all the agencies have met very high standards and the United Way is trying to meet the needs of the total community through a wide variety of agencies and essential services. You may specify the agency you want to give to on your pledge card.
Volunteer review committees spend many hours assessing agency programs and financial needs before arriving at a final and fair allocation.
The United Way does NOT pay for any meals. Community-minded businesses sponsor the report lunches by making contributions specifically for the meals as a public service.
The United Way maintains an open door policy toward all qualified health and welfare not-for-profit agencies. Some organizations, because of their policy, or by their own choice, decide not to join. We cannot force them to join and some would like to have the United Way seal of approval but are not able to meet the standards. When funds are available, we do offer a grant program where not-for-profit agencies may apply for a one-time grant to support a need or emergency.
You may not live in Carthage, but you work here and are a part of the community. Also, the agencies serve children and adults from the surrounding communities as well. You don’t have to be a citizen of Jasper County to benefit from United Way services.
No. To be admitted to the United Way, an agency must perform a unique service and meet standards that will not permit duplication. Also, Carthage Area United Way hosts meetings between the agencies that help with communication and non-duplication.
No, all solicitors serve on a voluntary basis. Plus they are key contributors to the campaign and fully appreciate the needs of the agencies.
Circumstances sometimes bring about unforeseen hardships. When you are out of work, your pledge payments stop automatically if you are on payroll deduction. If you are billed directly, you pay when you can.
How much you pledge is an individual decision. Payroll deduction makes it easy to give. A few cents a day is all it takes. A Fair Share giver is one that gives one hour of pay per month for one year as an hourly paid employee or 1% of annual salary as a salaried employee.
No single agency can meet all community needs. Volunteers spend a great deal of time planning, and it takes the cooperation of the entire community to get the most out of the contributors’ dollars. Many agencies do not have the resources available to conduct a large campaign. You can do more in the long run by supporting a one-campaign concept. It has been proven to be the most efficient way to raise money to meet community needs, and it allows agency personnel to spend more of their time helping people and less time raising money.



A donation of $12.50 can provide 3 meals and 2 snacks for a child in crisis at Children's Haven of SWMO.

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